Tour News: !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

I know I know. You probably didn’t need another set of tours to add to your no doubt already gig-filled schedule but you can count this one on me. Together with the great folks over at Civil Society and Inertia, I have a double pass to both !!! sideshows below. In other words, free tickets to what will only be one hell of a party. So by !!! standards that means heaps of dance-funk beats, all sorts of stage antics and just a general good time. Do yourself a favour and leave a comment where ever you like on TWYE from now until February 7. Winner will be chosen at random. Tell your friends!

Feb 9 Metro Theatre, Sydney
Feb 10 Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

While you are it check out this Take Away Show, recently shot on the streets of Paris.

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  1. katrina said:

    Um, freaking awesome prize, especially for those of us who are cash strapped and couldn’t afford tickets in the first place! Please count me in the running.

  2. Ben said:

    Great idea; great website!

  3. Cate said:

    I’ll take some free tickets.

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